About AKP

Welcome to the AKP Foundation:

Jon’s Story:

The president and Founder of AKP, Jon Wilson, is a cancer survivor who lost his leg to sarcoma in 2006. After chemotherapy, a second surgery, and radiation, he was given a clean bill of health.

Jon attributes his recovery to his amazing doctors and the challenging physical activity he engaged in while battling the disease. Only a few weeks after his amputation, Jon got on a bike and he has continued to challenge himself in the saddle ever since. Throughout the journey, he had a mantra: ”Always Keep Pedaling”–hence AKP.

In 2010, Jon completed his first century ride. In 2011, he competed in the Equinox and Ascutney Hill climbs. Jon was fortunate to have people in his life to assist him with purchasing a bike and adaptive ski equipment, but also understood that not all cancer fighters and survivors have such financial support.

Jon started the AKP Foundation so that young adult cancer fighters and survivors in financial need could receive the same opportunities that he did to fight cancer and rebuild their lives through adventure.

Our Mission:

The mission of the AKP Foundation is to provide young adults in financial need with the means to use adventure sports, athletics, and adaptive sports to energize a comeback from cancer.


At AKP we believe that the best way to build confidence is to take healthy risks. The purpose of the AKP Foundation is to build the confidence of young adults who have suffered physically altering trauma due to cancer by helping them find adventure through adaptive sports. Physical trauma can take a toll on one’s spirit and finances. Through AKP, chosen applicants will acquire personal grants or attend group retreats that will help facilitate their personal comebacks in life.

Core Values:

  • To help young adult cancer fighters and survivors gain a healthy balance in life, allowing them to achieve the confidence to address issues unique to their age, including physical, emotional, social, and educational concerns.
  • To broaden the horizons of cancer fighters and survivors, exposing them to the adventures, passions, and challenges that will stretch them as individuals, allowing them to reconnect with life.
  • To help motivate recipients to push themselves out of their comfort zone, allowing them to grow and gain a perspective that will help define the great potential they have ahead of them.
  • To seek out recipients who lack the financial ability to pursue adventure sports.
  • To give young cancer fighters and survivors direction in life, which in turn gives them the opportunity to believe in themselves and their abilities.
  • To promote the importance of supporting cancer fighters and survivors not only during treatment, but also after treatment as they make a comeback in life.
  • To give recipients a platform on which to give back to the cancer community, specifically through inspiring others to embrace the value and benefits of adventure sports.
  • To provide examples and ideas for family and friends who are looking for healthy ways to support loves ones affected by cancer.